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The smart app for digital lead capturing


The smart app for digital lead capturing

Our app packages


The free LeadHound app can be downloaded from the App Store. It is the basis for all other packages. Before you decide on the right package, you can fully test the basic features of the lead capture app with this version.


Via In-App-Purchase you have the possibility to use several functions for the digital lead capturing. This full version has an advanced export feature which let you save the leads in your contact app. 

You can use LeadHound to capture, digitize, and manage your leads easily and effectively, directly at exhibitions and afterwards in your office.

Successful lead generation depends to a great extent on how you handle and process the information you receive. With the LeadHound app, unprocessed lead forms, mountains of business cards, and hand-written notes are a thing of the past.

The digital survey is completed, the business card scanned, and the lead is captured during the meeting itself. Intuitive, digital capturing helps keep your meetings friendly while saving time and resources.

»Start your successful lead management program today!«

Save with LeadHound!

We calculate with a lead generation of 100 lead per day (per device) and a duration of 3 days.

The LeadHound benefits at a glance

Individual app configurations

• CI
• Questionnaires
• Thank you e-mail
• Conact data fields
→ more

Business card scanner

• Lead capturing within seconds
• Integrated QR code scanner
• International address formats
• Works offline too
→ more

Sketch space

• Free sketch and draw
• Desposit signature
• Comment on photos
→ more

Individual questionnaires with mandatory fields

• Free questionnaire design
• Define mandatory fields
• Multilingual questionnaires
• Add sketches and photos
• Data privacy compliant lead capturing
→ more

Personalized thank you e-mails

• Individual e-mailing
• Personal e-mail signature
• HTML-Mailing
• Automatic e-mail dispatch
→ more

Lead management directly in the app

• Lead library
• Export leads
• Various export options
→ more

Individual Interface

• CleverReach
• Newsletter systems
• CRM interface
→ further


• Graphical evaluation of the number of leads
• Division according the lead quality
• Export status data
• Data of the thank you e-mail dispatch
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Not some lead capturing app

LeadHound is a comprehensive app that helps you achieve effective and professional lead management. As a software solution from the Junith Digital Agency, a digital agency from Ulm, LeadHound is based on German data privacy regulations and the GDPR.
The app isn’t a standardized solution, but instead stands out with custom developed functions. See for yourself, and test LeadHound on your iPad free of charge.

Test LeadHound

At the cutting edge of technology

The Leadhound app adapts dynamically to current processes, options and individual needs. Regular updates ensure that you are always up to date with the latest technology.

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