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App-store In-app purchase On request
Price for free 289,99 € 2.990,00 €
Term unlimited 3 month 12 month / annual subscription
Devices 1 1 100 (more on request)
Offline usable ok ok ok
Compatible with iPad and iPhone ok ok ok
LeadHound functions ok ok ok
Export Standard Lead Export Extended export with all data captured by the app Unrestricted and configurable export
Local configuration (without API-Key) ok ok ok
Configurations on several devices via API-Key ok
Export leads to contacts app and synchronize with iCloud ok ok
Interfaces to external systems ok
Newsletter functionality ok
Personal support by email and phone ok

Are you interested in the LeadHound Business Package? We will be happy to make you an individual offer.

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Junith iPad stand

Developed for the iPad
display size 9.7'' to 10.5''

Price: €129.00 / $151.16

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Apple Pencil

The LeadHound app supports the
Bluetooth Apple Pencil.

Manufacturer price

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The LeadHound app supports the stylus<br/> ADONIT PRO 3 (without a Bluetoth connection).

Manufacturer price

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