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Business card scanner

Put an end to complicated mountains of business cards

With the LeadHound business card scanner, you can transfer business cards to your iPad or iPhone in seconds with no typing.<br/> The business card scanner is based on open source OCR Tesseract. We have developed it to recognize business card text and populate it into the correct data field. Now there’s nothing standing in the way of fast and professional contact after a lead meeting.

Lead capturing in seconds

Use the camera on your device to take a picture of the business card; then text information will be scanned in, analyzed, and populated into the right data fields through a fully automated process. Every data set can also be manually adjusted and expanded. And the best thing? The business card scanner also works offline, without an internet connection.

Integrated QR code scanner

When you scan in a business card, LeadHound recognizes not only text, but also QR codes in real time if a V-card is stored in them. Data is populated in the correct data fields, and can be manually supplemented.

International address formats

Would you like to use LeadHound at international trade fairs or abroad? No problem!
The business card scanner currently supports the following national formats:

  • AT Austria
  • BE Belgium
  • CH Switzerland
  • DE Germany
  • ES Spain
  • FR France
  • GB Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • IT Italy
  • LU Luxembourg
  • NL The Netherlands
  • US USA

The country you need isn’t on the list? We are continuously developing LeadHound - contact us to learn more.

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