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Customized app configuration

You decide how your customers see you

You can use the configuration to adjust the appearance of the app to your corporate design, upload surveys, change thank you e-mail settings and set required contact fields for lead generation. These settings are saved locally on your device or in an online configuration profile. You’ll have the right settings ready at the push of a button for your next exhibition.

LeadHound in your corporate design

Impress clients with a uniform brand image at any lead meeting. Choose how your LeadHound app looks by adding your company logo, key visual, and color scheme.

Online configuration

Global settings

The online configuration profile saves all your lead generation settings in a central profile. The profile can be accessed by multiple devices simultaneously. The advantage of this is that you only need to change settings once to guarantee a consistent image across all lead meetings. In addition, you can create multiple profiles and switch between two profiles at the push of a button.

Local configuration

Device-specific settings

Even in the local configuration, you can change the appearance of the app, import surveys, change thank you e-mail settings and select which contact data fields are required for lead capturing. These settings are available only on the device on which settings were changed.

Absolute flexibility

Focus on your meeting instead of juggling a pen and paper. Test LeadHound now!

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