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Personalized thank you e-mails

Customized, automatic follow-up

Don’t lose any time after your initial contact. With LeadHound, you can send a thank you e-mail with customized signature and selected attachments right from the trade fair.

Customized e-mail texts

Stand out with an authentic voice and wording. Create your own e-mail text and add it directly to the app, or use our online configuration profile to change global thank you e-mail settings.

Personal e-mail signatures

We believe a professional lead meeting thrives on personal contact.
Instead of sending your lead a standard e-mail with general sender information, LeadHound lets you use personal signatures. Signatures are linked to surveys. During the lead capturing process, you choose who met with the lead so a personalized signature can automatically be attached to the thank you e-mail.


Every conversation with a potential customer should end with a thank you email, because it can be the beginning of the business relationship.

Customise your thank you email with images, colours, links and more.

Also keep track of whether and when your lead opened the thank you email and whether he clicked on links in your email.

We currently support the mailing tools Newsletter2Go and CleverReach.

Automatic e-mail delivery

E-mails are sent automatically, either in the background or with manual confirmation. If you don’t have an internet connection, thank you e-mails are saved in a buffer memory and then sent once you are back online.

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