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The PREMIUM package is suitable for the use of 1 - 5 devices and with regular attendance of fairs over the year.

Take full advantage of our lead capture app. With the LeadHound API, you have the ability to access online profiles with a special layout, personalized thank-you e-mails and questionnaires with just one click, always and on any device. You also have option that your potential leads will self-capture them on one of your devices, by activating the visitor mode. This is useful if you don't see a chance to speak to each of these potential costumers personally, due to high visitor rates.
Through the unlimited and configurable export, you are able to send the collected data from your lead capturing in the desired export template via e-mail.
Furthermore, you can use the interfaces which were already programmed by us to CRM systems, as well as newsletter connections such as Newsletter2Go or CleverReach.

from 2.250,00 €

• 1 – 5 Devices
• 12 Months

• Unrestricted and configurable export
• API-Key

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