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Your benefits with the LeadHound API

Time Saving

Although using the LeadHound app saves you a lot of time compared to analog lead capturing already, the LeadHound API allows you to work even faster and more effectively.

Online Profile
During the stressful preparation phase before the trade fair, you can easily activate an online profile on any of your devices and thus avoid the time-consuming manual device configuration. Your colouring, your logo, your key visual, your configuration for the thank you email, and your questionnaires are automatically installed on the device when you’re using an online profile. It only takes one click.

Visitor mode - Lead capture without personnel
Do you have lots of visitors during your event and you cannot talk directly to every visitor? Congratulations. For all these visitors there is the LeadHound visitor mode. Activate the mode in the app and give your visitors the possibility of self-acquisition. Visitors can independently enter their personal data, answer questions, send emails with product information or subscribe to your newsletter. After data collection, your visitors will also receive a personalized thank you email.

Auto Export
Enter an email address and you will receive an automatically generated email with the leads that have not been exported yet. So you and your colleagues can concentrate on capturing leads and the customer meeting, while your employees in the back office are automatically and regularly supplied with new leads.

Configuration Options

The next step after capturing leads is the further processing of the data. The LeadHound API allows you to configure your export file. Define which fields you want to export, what the fields are called and in which order they should be arranged. This export configuration can be linked to the auto export and the online profile so the export structure is always the same.


Currently, the newsletter systems Newsletter2Go and CleverReach can be linked and configured via the LeadHound API. The development of an interface to another external system and its connection to LeadHound is possible at any time due to the modular and flexible structure of the LeadHound API.

Further interfaces to ERP, CRM and inventory management systems are also possible.

Application examples from the field

Several parallel events:
A customer commissions four online profiles, as two trade fairs take place at the same time.
Two of the online profiles contain an English questionnaire and an English thank you e-mail, the other two profiles are in German. The content of the questionnaires is adapted to the respective trade fairs. Colour, logo and key visual are identical for each online profile. Since both trade fairs take place in Germany, but are also expected to attract an international audience, the German and English online profiles are provided for several devices at each trade fair. A total of more than 100 devices were in use, which were configured with a single click.

Export configuration:
The customer wants to import the export file into his own system without further processing. This requires a CSV file with a specific structure.
For this purpose, the order of the fields was adapted via an export template (street, city, region and country directly after the surname), several fields were removed (second name, name suffix and fax) and most of the fields were renamed (e.g. firstName -> First Name, street -> Address 1, phone -> Business Phone). The export files of all devices of the customer had the identical structure after the adaptation of the export template.