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Sketch field

Utilize the power of visual communication

Visualize your ideas, save a signature, or comment on photos. Sketches are automatically associated with the lead meeting and saved for follow-up work.

Free sketch and drawing option

A variety of brush thicknesses and colors are available in the sketch field. You can use these to design drawings or make notes and diagrams. Use the eraser tool to remove small errors.

Save signature

Would you like to send your customer a regular newsletter in addition to the thank you email? Have a written, digital confirmation sent to you directly in LeadHound, all in compliance with data protection regulations.

Digital signatures can of course also be used to confirm your data protection regulations.

Draw like you're drawing on paper

Sketch with your finger, or with a Bluetooth stylus for better precision. A Bluetooth stylus gives you the best possible control using the iPad, thanks to its very thin and pressure-sensitive tip. This allows you to draw as naturally as if you were using pen and paper. LeadHound currently supports the ADONIT PRO 3 and the Apple Pencil.

Comment on photos

Add photos to your lead with custom comments and sketches. The next time a prospective buyer brings a part to the trade fair, you can easily document the inquiry and process it when you get back to the office.

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