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Custom surveys

You decide what, how, and when to ask

The lead sheet helps you manage the discussion, without getting in the way. You can prepare your surveys any way you want with LeadHound. You decide what questions to ask, select the possible answers, determine what information is required, and establish dependencies between the questions. The survey is created in a table editing program (like Numbers, OpenOffice, Excel) and imported into LeadHound as a .csv file.

Free survey design

LeadHound offers a variety of question and answer options, from radio buttons to free text fields. Set dependencies between the questions and define mandatory questions. Personalize your lead capturing by choosing who met with the lead to add a personal signature to the thank you e-mail or customized multimedia attachments.

Create surveys

Define mandatory fields

Define mandatory fields and ensure the information you need to professionally process the lead is recorded. Data processing can be completed once the mandatory fields are processes.

Multi-lingual surveys

English, German, Spanish... You pick the language to create your survey. LeadHound allows you to import multiple surveys, allowing you to select the right survey to process at the trade fair for a specific customer.
Create an online configuration profile to have all of your surveys available at the push of a button on all devices.

Add sketches and photos

Record your ideas visually and enrich your lead with sketches and photos. The sketch field is a good way to record signatures.

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Data privacy conforming lead capturing

We conform to German data privacy regulations and to the GDPR. You can use the sketch field to save a signature, for instance to obtain the opt-in required for newsletter registration. Sketches are exported as .xlsx or .csv files with the lead export, and can be saved on a secure server to help you fulfill your legal retention obligations.

Create and import surveys

You can create your surveys in a table editing program (such as Numbers, OpenOffice, Excel). The completed survey is saved as a .csv file and imported into LeadHound. You can import the file by cable or through a cloud service, for instance. A sample survey and instructions are provided in our FAQs

If you have technical questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

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