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Evaluations for your trade fair appearance

Are you missing a detailed overview with evalutations of your trade fair visit? With the LeadHound statistic feature you keep an overview of all data on a dashboard. The feature shows the indiviual trade fair days and their number of recorded leads as well as the lead quality of the individual leads compared to each other. The feature gives also information about the current export status, i. e. how many of the collected leads have already been exported and how many have not yet. You can also track how many of your leads received a thank you e-mail.


Keep track on your fair graphically

Keep an eye on the data at all times, after or during the trade fair. In the form of a bar chart, you can see how many leads were generated in total and per day. In addition to the graphic, the dashboard shows two other diagrams. On the one hand, it shows the export status, which reflects the percentage of leads exported, and on the other hand, the rate of thank you e-mails sent so far in percent.

Lead quality

In addition, you can filter your leads according the lead quality with just one click. So you can see exactly how many of the recorded leads are high, medium or low quality. Based on this data, you can estimate how many of the leads are a sure conclusion and for how many you still have some work to do. The breakdown also gives an insight on how successfull each fair day in terms of the lead quality was.

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