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The FAIR EXTENDED package is suitable for the use of 1 - 5 devices and the visit of several fairs, in a period of 3 months.

Take advantage of the API-key. With just one click, you can access the previously created online profile anytime and on all your devices. As a result, the time consuming configuration of your individual devices, before every fair, is a thing of the past. The online profile regulates any frame conditions, of your apps layout, the personalized text of the thank you e-mail, as well as your individual questionnaires.
The visitor mode supports you during the fair, at full capacity without having enough staff to capture all the important leads. Hereby, visitors are able to enter their own data, such as business cards, questionnaires, newsletter subscribtion or have the requested information material sent directly to them. 
With the auto export, you can send the collected lead data to any email address at a desired time. So your colleagues in the back office can process the costumer data straight away.

from 650,00 €

• 1 - 5 Devices
• 3 Months


• Extended Export

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