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Automated data communication with your CRM system

Eliminate manual data exports from LeadHound and synchronize your leads automatically, directly in your systems. LeadHound can be connected to almost any internal system (CRM, ERP, etc.) and communicate with it through an interface.

The Business Version of LeadHound has a comprehensive API interface integrated right out of the box. It was developed to ensure LeadHound is equipped for individual adjustments to your system landscape, offering the best possible flexibility. That means we can expand and adapt the interface flexibly to your needs if they should change. Synchronize your data through a bi-directional process between LeadHound and your CRM system as needed. This allows LeadHound to be populated with your master data, for instance, for trade fair appointments, significantly reducing your preparation work. Duplicate matching is also available, ensuring you don't record contacts multiple times.

Do you have any questions on our interface and how it connects to your system landscape? No problem! We would be happy to advise you.


Send your leads extensive information and offers via e-mail marketing software by CleverReach.

Thanks to LeadHound's double opt-in process that conforms to data privacy requirements, you can import generated leads into CleverReach and contact them via newsletter. CleverReach also allows you to edit captured address data through a web interface. In addition, CleverReach offers a large number of ready-made interfaces that you can connect indirectly to your system landscape.

Interested? We would be happy to provide more information on the scope of services offered by CleverReach.

Newsletter systems

If you use a newsletter system besides CleverReach in your company, we can also integrate it through our interface. This gives you advantages similar to CleverReach. Data captured in LeadHound is transferred directly from the trade fair to your newsletter system, if you have opted into the feature. It can then be revised or enriched through a web interface later on. Your new leads are verified using the newsletter system's confirmation process.

CRM interface

Our API interface is the direct data transmission pipeline from LeadHound to your system landscape. It offers you the security of knowing your trade fair leads are available immediately in your systems after capturing, meaning your back office or sales department can process them without losing any time. In addition, you can also edit and process all of your contacts in your CRM and according to your requirements. Duplicate matching helps you avoid capturing contacts multiple times in your CRM system. This feature also allows synchronization with your master data, so LeadHound recognizes whether a contact is new or has already been created during the digitization process. Deviating data is then shown to you so you can simply select the correct data set.

Still have questions about connecting to your CRM system? We would be happy to advise you.

Processing data according to the General Data Protection Regulation.

There are important requirements for the lead digitization process that must be observed. LeadHound digitizes your leads directly on an iPhone or iPad. The captured contacts are never transmitted to an external server over the internet for digitization. According to current data privacy law, a contract data processing agreement is required for this kind of transmission. You may need to create regulations to cover these processes. When capturing leads, please also observe provisions on sending electronic mail (such as newsletters). It’s also important to ensure you inform contacts about their right to object, and get their consent to transmit verified data - especially for advertising purposes, or when transferring data to your service department for specific purposes. LeadHound works according to European data privacy regulations right out of the box.