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4.1 How can I configure LeadHound locally?

You can make various adjustments in the app's settings.

First, ensure that “Use local configuration profile” is selected in the Configuration mode tab. A variety of adjustment options are available there.

Adjust the app to your corporate design by uploading a logo and key visual and defining a color scheme.

You can easily create a customized survey in Excel and import it as a CSV file, for instance via iCloud Drive or Google Drive.

Adjust the e-mail settings for sending thank you e-mails by configuring your SMTP server, create a standart e-mail text, and adding attachments.

Data fields
You can define mandatory fields. This helps you ensure all important information is recorded. You can also hide fields you don’t need your new Leads to fill in.

Assign a password to your app access so no one else can change settings or see your Leads.