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LeadHound 3.0

New version – New look – Unbeatable offer!

The new LeadHound Version 3.0 offers many new features. LeadHound has an all new look – both in terms of design and technical options. Purchase LeadHound Corporate* now, and you’ll receive the new 9.7'' iPad with 32 GB of memory and WiFi (without a mobile contract) and the Adonit Pro 3 touch screen stylus free (only through July 20th, 2018, while supplies last, one per customer). 


New version <br/> <br/> Finally – Version 3.0 of the LeadHound app can now be used on the iPhone. In addition to address formats from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, the app now recognizes and captures addresses from Great Britain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and the USA. It’s easier to make notes and drawings in the app. You can do so with either your finger or a variety of styli, such as the Apple Pencil. Optimizations have been made throughout the app to improve usability.


New look <br/> <br/> The LeadHound website offers an update to the new TYPO3 Version 8.7. The website has been fully revised, with all content updated and re-organized. The brand has also used the re-launch of the LeadHound website to update its look. The logo image, a dog, is more detailed and represents the dynamism and power the app offers. Rounder shapes and a more detailed face give the powerful dog a friendlier look. The color scheme is friendly too. The blue tones were changed and updated, simplifying the look of the site to include two unique and strong shades of blue. The tilt of the font reflects the posture of the dog, which is poised to jump.


Unbeatable offer <br/> <br/> Buy the LeadHound Corporate Package* and you’ll receive the new 9.7'' iPad with 32 GB memory space and WiFi (no mobile contract required) as well as anAdonit Pro 3 touch screen stylus free of charge.



*With a minimum contract term of 3 years (deviates from the standard contract term). Offer is valid through July 20th, 2018, as long as supplies last. One offer per customer.