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LeadHound update business card scanner to version 2.2

The new update includes several new features. One of these new features is live recognition of QR codes, improving lead processing, as well as automatic recognition and population of salutations.

LeadHound business card scanner captures leads even quicker<br/> <br/> Speed up lead capturing with LeadHound. So far, so good. Real time QR code recognition was integrated into version 2.2. The business card scanner software detects and analyzes the business card while you are aligning the iPad camera. If there is a QR code printed on the card, the user is informed and asked if they want to use the QR code content.<br/>  

No more editing<br/> <br/> Using a QR code means leads don’t need to be edited. You can use the time you save to make additional contacts.

<br/> Export leads<br/> <br/> Another new feature in version 2.2 is lead export. Leads can now be exported in an *.xlsx format. This means export is not only compatible with Excel without any restrictions, but leads can also be sent to any address via e-mail. If that’s not enough, the new version also offers the option of saving exports in a cloud service of your choice. All you need to use the export and share functions is an iCloud, Dropbox, or other cloud service account. Cloud services can also be used to import surveys above version 2.1.<br/>  

All updates to version 2.2 <br/><br/> • QR codes detected live<br/> • Improvements in lead editing (delete via drag & drop)<br/> • Automatic address population<br/> • Expanded export formats (Excel support)<br/> • Exports can be sent via e-mail and with all current cloud services<br/> • Improved text recognition and population<br/> • Improvements in stability and performance