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LeadHound Version 2.5

With the new update to the LeadHound app, users now have more options for designing their surveys. Some of these options are even interactive. We would really appreciate your feedback.

The new update for the LeadHound app came out today. What’s new in this version:

Version 2.5 (25.06.2017)<br/> • Surveys with conditions<br/> • Send e-mail attachments and URLs based on answered questions<br/> • Custom thank you e-mail signature depending on meeting partner (can be entered in survey)<br/> • CC address for the thank you e-mail can be configured in settings.<br/> • Thank you e-mails can be created, changed, saved, and sent for each lead.<br/> • Thank you e-mails already sent can be displayed<br/> • Preview linked files and websites in survey<br/> • API key can be scanned in via a QR code<br/> • Correction of display errors and optimizations <br/>  

If you have any questions on a specific topic, or are generally interested in our app, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to talking with you.