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LeadHound Version 3.4

Dashboard for analyzing event related data. The feature shows the number of all recorded leads assigned to the respective data, as well as the possibility to filter them according to the lead quality. It also shows the percentage of the already exported leads and the percentage of thank you emails sent.

With the new version, it is possible to create events in the app, so the recorded leads can be precisely assigned to them. This allows you to seperate all leads according to the event or the date it was recorded.

In the library, there is now the possibility to filter the recorded leads according to quality, registration period, events, questionnaires and export status. So you can specify exactly which leads you currently need and have them displayed.

Export at a specific time
A certain time can be set in the background for the lead export. You can record your lead at the event and as soon as the specified time is reached, all existing leads will be sent automatically. This is a relief, in case it should be stressful, because you don't have to worry about exporting during the fair.

Export Reminder
If you forget to set up the automatic export and if you aren't thinking of exporting your leads, you can use this feature to simply be informed via a push notification.