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We present our new pricing model

Our new model is divided into a total of 6 packages. There is a suitable package for every size of company.

FREE – The Base

The LeadHound app itself is free and can be downloaded in the App Store. In this version, you can fully use the functions of the app. Only the export and the configuration is limited. The app can be adapted to the appearance of your business, through the local configuration.  



The LeadHound SINGLE version can be purchased via in-app purchase. This version is suitable for the use of one device and a period of 3 months.


Additional info API Key: The API key makes sense when using multiple devices. The advantage is the configuration. With the key, you have the possibility to pair several iPads together so you can edit the configuration as well as the export bundle.



1 Device | 30 Days
You only need LeadHound once for a device and a trade fair?  This is where the FAIR package shines. The API key is also used, so you can configure the app simple and futureoriented (Keep the configurated profiles for future fairs). Several export options make it easier for you to catch up.  → more



1 – 5 Devices | 3 Months
With the extended fair package, you can use several devices for a longer period of time. Here is the API key even more valuable, because you are able to use the configurated profile on every device.  → more



1 – 5 Devices | 1 Year
Do you need the LeadHound app several times a year and use of up to 5 devices? Then this package is perfect for you. Next to the basic features, you also have the option to configure your export in advance. → more



6 – 50 Devices | 1 Year / 3 Months
The Business package includes all functions unrestrictedly and it is suitable for companies that visit several fairs with up to 50 devices.  → more


You have a workflow in your company, that is not covered by our packages? We are happy to advise you and make you a none binding offer.

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