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2.1 How can I export my leads?

First, open the “Library.” There, you will have an overview of all of your leads and you can make final changes or sort the leads by “Recently added” or “Alphabetic” or search for individual leads.

To export leads, click on the Export icon at the bottom right of the navigation. There, you can choose which leads you want to export. You can select all leads or only the leads you have not exported yet, as well as leads within a specific time period, with a specific survey, or without a survey. If you want to select the leads that are supposed to be to exported, click on the list icon at the bottom right of the navigation and mark all the leads you'd like to export. Then click on “Selected leads” in the Export menu.

Once you have selected the leads, you can export them as a CSV or XLSX and then send them via e-mail or share them (for instance via AirDrop, Google Drive, iCloud Drive).

After exporting the Leads you can access the files on your PC and import them to your CRM system.