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Questionnaire version 5 - Flexible processing of the visitor form

On average LeadHound customers use 5 to 10 questions per questionnaire. Most of them are repeated at every event. It makes sense to be able to clearly indentify these questions in order to make the resulting answers more comparable, or to be able to always save them in the same field of the CRM/ERP system.

Redgardless of the actual question text, it is possible, from questionnaire version 5, to provide a question identifier.

In the first step, there will be five identifiers for the following fields / questions:

  • Employees / lead recorders
  • Preferred type of contact
  • Visitor category
  • Text of Privacy policy
  • Privacy policy confirmed

In addition to the identifiers that affect the export fields, questions can also have other identifiers with the following functions:

  • Image gallery
  • Not relevant to export
  • Binary response

Image gallery
If you mark a question with the identifier "lh-images" and maintain the URL for photos in the answer-meta-fields (, this question will be displayed in the questionnaire as an image gallery. A possbile scenario for the picture gallery would be photos of your product.

Not relevant to export
For example, no answer can be given to sub-headings or the image gallery. If these questions were marked with "lh_presenting", they will not be exported. So the export remains clearer.

Binary response
For some questions there is only the answer yes or no. For questions marked with "lh_yh", the selected answers are converted to 0 (no) or 1 (yes) and thus saved in the export file. Depending on the CRM used, you save yourself an intermediate step in the follow-up.

Sample files
You can use the  sample questionnaire to familiarize yourself with the identifiers. Note that you must use atleast LeadHound 3.4.1. At least iOS 13 is also required for the image gallery. You can see what the export file looks like with a sample lead here (exampleexport.csv).

If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

If you do not want to use identifiers in your questionnaires, everything remains as usual.
A license key or paid module is not necessary for this.

Make sure that when you export leads which are linked to several questionnaires, no questions appear twice, otherwise there may be duplications in the export fields.